Malta 2015: An old favourite

In April 2015, I visited one of my favourite countries for the third time, Malta.

The Mediterranean island, which is home to approximately 500,000 people, has a rich heritage, varied flora and fauna, and a temperate climate.

Malta is somewhere that I enjoy visiting but I am saddened by its annual spring bird-hunting festival. I was in the country when it rejected proposals to ban the hunt. There were just 2,200 (approximately 2%) more pro-hunt votes.

Driving from the airport, my car was followed at one point by a pickup truck packed full of pro-hunt supporters, with music blaring and a grotesque bird model swinging on its bonnet. It was an unpleasant, intimidating welcome to the country.

These photographs were taken around Valletta, the capital, and Mdina, the old capital. I particularly like the dapple effect of the natural light on the statue in the last photograph.

Malta 3_ClairePackerPhotography Malta 2_ClairePackerPhotography Malta 1_ClairePackerPhotography

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