Backyard wanderlust



A strong desire to travel;
‘A man consumed by wanderlust’

I have always liked the term ‘wanderlust’. It conjures up beautiful images of faraway beaches, exotic rainforests and forgotten, hidden cities. It makes you want to pack your bag, grab your passport and head for the airport.

Wanderlust doesn’t have to mean travelling thousands of miles from home, though.

All my 28 years I have lived in the UK. I grew up in the West Midlands, went to Wales for university and moved to Lincolnshire for my first job. I moved back to the West Midlands four years ago.

As stated in the pages of my newly-issued passport, the UK has a huge variety of environments. We have coastal cliffs, canals and formal parks. We have moorlands, mountains and lakes. We have plenty of other things too.

I’ve seen a fair bit of it already – I’ve been to multiple -shires, hopped on a ferry to Ireland and popped up top to Scotland – but there’s still so much to explore.

I can’t wait to see the castles of Northumberland, the dramatic islands of the Inner and Outer Hebrides, and scale Snowdownia.

Counties and areas that already hold a special place in my heart include Somerset, Warwickshire and the Gower. I can’t wait to add more to the list.

Walking trail, West Midlands.

Walking trail, West Midlands.

Longtown, Herefordshire.

Longtown, Herefordshire.

Warwick Castle, Warwickshire.

Warwick Castle, Warwickshire.

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