London 2016: A Hyde Park meet-cute

Some 13 years on from my Amazonian wildlife encounter, I had another up-close with nature courtesy of a Hyde Park resident a couple of months ago.

While walking through London’s Hyde Park on the way to a business meeting, I spotted a group of tourists looking at a group of trees that were behind a short metal fence.

The tourists were taking photographs of something; some were standing while others were crouching down. I was running early for my meeting so decided to walk passed them and see what they were looking at.

The answer was squirrels. Lots and lots of very friendly squirrels.

I took my iPhone out ready to take a photograph of one squirrel that had bounced over to me. I put the iPhone to my side and – the squirrel started climbing my leg!

I took a few photographs and waited until my furry friend hopped off. Needless to say I was beaming from ear to ear when I told my colleagues at the meeting what had happened, especially when I saw I had such a close-up shot!

Squirrel 1_ClairePackerPhotographySquirrel 2_ClairePackerPhotography

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