There is no Planet B

When I read this Tweet by Reuters India I was shocked and sickened:

“India’s Himachal Pradesh state battles growing monkey menace by offering a cash incentive of 500 rupees (over $7) to kill monkeys.”

Due to the destruction of their natural habitat, monkeys have been forced to move to human settlements in search of food and shelter. The reports says that there are now around 200,000 monkeys in the Himachal Pradesh region.

The government is now offering locals 500 rupees (approximately £5.75) if they kill a monkey after sterilisation has had limited success.

My first concern was that these monkeys will not be killed humanely. The local people do not have the resources to do that so the killings will be crude and painful.

Secondly, this is yet another example of human interference in nature’s natural order.

By destroying the monkeys’ habitat humans would have also effected the local predator-prey relationship. In this area leopards or another Big Cat would have been the monkeys’ natural predator, but humans have no doubt reduced the local leopard population or eradicated it.

‘Population control’ is one answer given by hunters across the world when asked why they hunt.

When the human birth rate exceeds the death rate at an estimated 2.375:1, shouldn’t the human population be ‘controlled’ too?

When the Earth’s natural resources for the year were depleted less than eight months in, should we not seriously question why that is?

Controlling the human population is a controversial subject but one that I feel needs to be discussed for the sake of this planet and all of its inhabitants.

Education and awareness of the dangers of an increased human population need to be promoted.

Regardless of which country you live in and what position you are in financially, our decisions and actions effect everyone. There is no Planet B.

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