Hiking to the End of the World

During my recent holiday in Portugal I enjoyed an eight-hour hike around the western coast, concluding at the most south-westerly point of Europe dubbed ‘the End of the World’.


The tour was organised by TJ of the West Coast Adventure Co., an American who has been living in Portugal for nearly four years. I met TJ in Lagos, an hour’s drive from where I was staying further along the coast, and joined the six other people who would be hiking with me.

We made quite the international group. Including TJ there was one American, two English, two French-Canadian, one French, one Singaporean, one Dutch and one Pole.

The hike took approximately eight hours as we explored the Cape St. Vincent, even though we only covered about 8km. This was because we were not hiking a flat surface; we were following narrow, meandering paths, climbing over boulders and enjoying the beauty of our surroundings.

The eight hours also included a delicious picnic that TJ had prepared that we ate on top of the cliffs by moonlight. I was a very happy vegetarian, with hummus, Moroccan-Portuguese style carrots, Island cheese and bread to enjoy.

It was an adventure that I will always remember and one of the highlights of our trip.

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