Snapshots from Portugal

This is my favourite photograph that I took while I was in Portugal. I took this during my hike to ‘The End of the World’ on the western coast of Portugal. I do not know this couple, but the way that they were standing in perfect symmetry caught my eye.

For sentimental reasons it reminded me of my grandparents. They had fallen for the Algarve’s charms and used to visit the region several times a year. There was quite a height difference between them too.


I visited Albufeira twice during my holiday, the second time being for dinner. The cobbled streets were even prettier at night, and it was lovely to be beachside as the sun set.


On one of the days we really stretch our rented car’s legs, taking it to the highest point in the Algarve, the Serra de Monchique chain of mountains.

After reaching the summit, which gave a great but hazy view across the Algarve, we stopped in Monchique and the spa town of Caldas de Monchiqu. I really fell for the hilly town of Monchique, with its colourful buildings and winding paths.


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