The Canadian Spring

Here is a throwback photograph to Jasper National Park earlier this year and what I believe was a beautiful juvenile female Elk.

The Canadian Spring runs from March to May. During my two weeks in Alberta and British Columbia in May this year the Jasper and Banff National Parks had thawed out with just a sprinkling of snow to be found at the top of the mountains.

I remember that on the day this photograph was taken – one of my first wildlife encounters – it was quite mild, though later in the trip I would experience a variety of weather from scorching hot sun to heavy downpours.

If you are in Jasper National Park at the moment, the beginning of the Canadian Winter, you can expect daytime temperatures of around  0 degrees Celsius and -30 degrees Celsius at night. Roads may be closed due to heavy snowfall.

I enjoy the cold weather and can’t wait to return to Alberta and British Columbia and see the National Parks in their cold, crisp glory.


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