Top 5 photographs of 2017

If I had to estimate the amount of photographs I have taken in 2017 I would imagine it is somewhere in the tens of thousands mark. On an hour and a half trip to Winterbourne House and Garden I can easily take 350+ photographs while six days touring Europe resulted in just under 1,000 and three weeks touring the southern hemisphere resulted in over 2,000!

It was a difficult job whittling them down, but here are my top five macro photographs of 2017:

5. Little candytuft

Photographed in a Herefordshire garden, what I enjoy most about this photograph is the way the shadows fall. The shadows juxtapose the white petals perfectly, with the hint of green in the centre and background.

4. The fairy lantern

While you might think this is ‘just’ comfrey, I think you’ll find it is actually a group of lanterns designed to light the way home for fairy folk who have been out wandering.

3. The perfect sphere

While exploring Winterbourne House and Garden I was stopped in my tracks when I spotted this incredible dahlia. It was such a perfect sphere, measuring no more than perhaps three inches. Its intricate pattern reminded me of a sea anemone.

2. The White Admiral

I spotted this beauty while exploring the Butterfly House at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in August. There is something so dainty and fragile about a butterfly, though their wings can be colourful, dramatic and tease of a fierce soul inside.

1. Sensational saxifrage

I have never been a particular fan of the colour pink. However, this is most definitely changing. In fact, I can’t imagine these flowers, which I photographed in my parents’ garden in April, being anything but pink. The ombre effect is really gorgeous, don’t you think?

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