[Peek abroad] My travel year

I like to hop on a plane and leave the British Isles ideally twice a year. This year, however, I’ve been spoiled with not two, not three but four overseas trips away and the discovery of seven new countries!

June  Majorca 

My first holiday of the year was a short getaway suggested by one of my oldest friends. Beccy now lives in New Zealand but came back to the UK to visit for the duration of June. We wanted to see each other again so she suggested I join her in Majorca, where she had been visiting a friend – Beccy was trying to fit as much of Europe in as she could after being in the southern hemisphere for nearly two years!

Valldemossa, Majorca.

July – Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany 

These Alpine countries were a real delight, particularly Austria. I enjoyed the 965-mile road trip so much that I decided to revisit my GCSE German and start learning the language again in the hope that I can spend more time in these countries. Austria brought back memories of Canada in 2016, feeling like a lush, neater version of the North American country.

Neder, Austria.

September – Hungary

My first solo adventure was to beautiful Budapest. I spent a couple of days exploring Buda and Pest, staying in the Jewish Quarter in Pest. I’m already itching to go back, as I felt very at home in the city and could quite happily stay a lot longer, spending my time visiting vintage stores, drinking luxurious hot chocolate and going to the thermal baths!

Buda Castle, Budapest.

November  Singapore, Australia and New Zealand

Visiting these three countries over a three-week period was a trip of a lifetime. There were so many to choose from but highlights of the trip for me include the Singapore Botanic Garden, flying back to Queenstown from Milford Sound in a Cessna 208 Caravan, visiting Hobbiton, and hopping on a ferry over to Waiheke Island to spend the day with my ex-pat friend, Beccy.

Queenstown, New Zealand.


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